• “We’ve just started our obedience classes with Melanie and it’s been a lot of fun! She’s very approachable and patient with me and our dog. We have some homework to do and she gave us a lot of good tips for when we try training at home. Can’t wait for our next class!”Gabrielle N.
  • “My dog Dolly is a 1 yr old Shelter rescue & she has a hard time focusing but Melanie gets the job done! So happy to have their services at Camprunamutt! Dolly looks like the dog on the left on this cover page here.”Debra M.
  • “Loved Melanie, she was very thorough in all we have to do for all of our Dogs! We have 4 of them and she addressed each one of them with a caring attitude. We learned so much from her in just one hour. We look forward to our next training with her.”Susannah C.
  • “”Wonderful experience with Robin at Good Choices. We have tried several different programs over the last several years, we were at the end of our rope with our wonderful family pet who had severe issues with strangers and public spaces. Robin approached the situation very differently than other trainers and was patient and caring. We have now have a dog that we are not afraid to take out of the house and to invite new people into our house.””The C.
  • “”The best! Robin is the best with my dog Bella! She has the patience and love for our pets to teach them! I often wonder who Bella loves more!!! Might it be Robin or me? Great people to help you out with your doggies!!!””Kristi R.
  • “”This is your go-to place for you and your pup when you need basic training, brush up training, fun classes for you and your dog to enjoy together. robin and melanie are a team that can cover all the bases when it comes to dog related needs. their experience is unmatched and their patience with both dogs and owners is infinite. if there were more stars to give, i would give them!””Onnie H.
  • “I wanted to share another success story related to your training 🙂 Bear’s medication is causing him to drink & urinate more frequently which meant more accidents inside & more walks outside – at least 7 pee walks a day including a 3-4am walk. With 2 flights of stairs, it was weighing on me.
    I decided to order real grass to put on the patio to help with the additional walks (and my back!). Bear took to it immediately, however it took a bit longer and more encouragement for Rocky & Riley the first night before bed – Riley wanted nothing to do with it – that’s where your training came in handy..I worked with each of them individually – Using a version of the mat command, It took about 5 minutes. I was so excited!!The voice commands helped SO MUCH! Walks have been so much easier using everything we worked on. They love receiving rewards so it’s a win win!Heidi”Heidi F.