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Clients who wish to take an upper level class can provide proof of previous level one obedience class, or schedule an Evaluation with one of our trainers. No evaluation required for level one classes.

Not sure where to start? Schedule your evaluation today!

PAWsitive Puppy Class:

Build a PAWsitive relationship with your puppy in this class where we help you and your pup become a well-mannered team! We will cover basic obedience skills like Sit, Down, Stay, and Come When Called– but we are much more than just your basic puppy obedience class! Other topics we cover include socialization, potty training, polite greetings, body language, and confidence building to help you and your pup live a PAWsitive life together!

For puppies 8 weeks to 5 months.

Basic Manners–Making Good Choices:

This 6 week class will help you set your dog up for success! You’ll learn much more than just Sit, Down, and Stay. We’ll teach you the basics of how your dog learns and why positive training methods work so that you can continue training your dog at home. Learn how to understand your dog so you can help them become the best furry friend they can be. In addition, we will discuss common issues like jumping, over- excitement, and barking at the door and other dogs so that you can have a dog that always makes Good Choices!

For dogs 6 months and up.


Manners 2—Making Good Choices Great!

If your dog already has some basic manners, this class will help you take them to the next level. Have you ever thought: “my dog knows what “Sit” means, but he only does it when he feels like it”? We understand! This class will make your dog’s cues more reliable and consistent. Topics discussed will include why your dog has “selective hearing”, how distractions affect your dog’s behavior and what to do about them. We will also raise the bar for your dog’s performance and introduce the use of play, Tricks, and dog sports into your training repertoire.

For dogs 6 months and up. Dog must pass our placement test or have taken Manners 1 to be eligible.


Tricks — Pawing at the Stars!:

Ever see a dog on TV doing some cool trick and wonder, how did they teach them to do that? Then this class is for you! Whether you’re looking to enrich your dog’s life, deepen your bond, or just teach them something funny – you’ve found the right class! Broaden your dog’s trick repertoire with cute cues like:

  • Shake
  • Spin
  • Sit Pretty
  • Roll Over
  • Bow
  • Many more: your can request tricks so you and your dog can become super-stars! For dogs who have completed Manners 1 or have passed our placement test.

Control Unleashed: COMING SOON!

Our versatile Control Unleashed® program is designed to help the dogs come out of their shells to party at Camp. We will teach them how to relax, focus, and have appropriate fun in stimulating or stressful situations. Unleash your dog’s self-confidence with this seven week program!

Who needs Control Unleashed®?

  • Dogs that are socially awkward or anxious around other Campers
  • Dog that are easily distracted and have difficulty concentrating
  • Dogs that are easily stressed
  • Dog that are unable to control their impulses when excited 

Life Skills: COMING SOON!

These days, dogs are more like members of the family than ever before. As such, our Life Skills class is designed to help your shy/fearful or over-excited dog be more comfortable and calm in public and in typically stressful places like the vet or groomer. This 6 week class covers:

  • Proofing of skills taught in Basic Manners
  • Desensitization to grooming: brushing, nail clipping, teeth brushing
  • How to stay calm and feel safe in novel or stressful places
  • Calm greetings of both people and other dogs
  • Increase impulse control 

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